How I Started My Weight Loss Journey

Have you ever thought of starting a diet or ever had a goal to lose weight? I am sure that that the majority of my readers have had this before, however the truth is that the majority of us simply do not have enough time to achieve our goals. Whether it be that we have no spare time to workout or go to the gym, or that we just don’t have the motivation to do so. I completely understand, as I was once in this position, before I started working out. I was really lazy and would prefer to stay home and game all day. Whilst this was fun and all, the weight started to build up day by day. Each day, It was harder to move around and I could feel the fat building up. My self esteem was slowly deteriorating.
So how did I start to work out?
First thing I did was to find some motivation, I read several articles online about weight loss. I also watched various videos and tips and tricks videos. After digesting everything, I choose a celebrity who’s body I was aiming for. I researched a lot on how celebrities stay fit and tried to copy their tactics.

I also invited a friend of mine over and convinced him to go the gym with me. I didn’t sign up for a gym membership straight away, I took several trials before finally deciding to apply for a membership.
I now go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week for a few hours to work out. I also count how much calories I take in everyday. I try to reduce my calories from week to week, this way I ensure that I am burning off fat and not just staying the same. So far, the progress has been slow but it is most definitely working. I feel much brighter and more relaxed nowadays, I also feel a lot healthier and active compared to before. I used to always be burnt out from work, but nowadays I still feel as if I have a lot of energy waiting to be released.

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