Nautral Remedies For Cold Sores

One of the most annoying and embarrassing conditions you can get has to beĀ cold sores. They also always appear at the most inconvenient times , covering them up is possible however. Cold sores are caused by a certain type of virus called Herpes Simplex, they are highly contagious and should be dealt with caution. Cold sores usually appear on or around the mouth but can also appear in other places. Some people like to cover up their cold sores with cosmetics and makeup or by wearing clothing such as scarfs. Others however like to use natural remedies to treat their cold sore.
With so many different cold sore remedies available on website such as ColdSoresCured, we decided to create a list of our own.
1. Tea Tree Oil : It is high in nutrients making it a great natural antiseptic, which can reduce the swelling and burning of the cold sore for most people.
2. Ice :Putting some cold ice or using an ice pack can help reduce the swelling of the cold sore. It can also reduce the redness of the cold sore making it less obvious.
3. Eating or drinking more vitamin C and B. Vitamin C can help to build the immune system making you healthier and stronger. It is also used for other conditions apart from old sores. Vitamin B is another excellent option that is commonly recommended by doctors to help relieve the pain of cold sores.
4. Coconut Oil and lemon balm extract has also been proven to be effective in reducing the redness as well as relieving some pain.
I would also recommend you consult your doctor for treatment options that would suit you. Another important thing is that you should try all of the above methods for at least a week. The cold sore will not immediately disappear but after a few weeks or few days.

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