Tips To Improve Eyesight

If you’ve ever worn glasses or contact lenses, then you would know the difficulties that come along with it. This includes constant eye care as well as frequent visits to your local optometrist. I would recommend you visit optometrist Frisco Texas. Having glasses can be troubling and can be a pain in the ass at first. This is why most people prefer to be glasses free. Thus, I have decided to create this post about some eye car tips. These are tips that I have used to help me exercise my eyes.
The first thing you should know is that your eyes are a part of your body, thus you need to treat it with care. You need to keep it healthy by exercising it and letting it rest. Sleeping at night for at least 7 hours will allow your eyes to relax and not straining your eyes will also help. You should not be staring at a computer screen all day, go out for a quick breath every once in a while. Doing this can drastically improve your eye sight.
You can also do blinking exercises, these are really helpful for those that stare at a computer or TV for long hours as they have a tendency to blink less due to them being more focused on what’s in front of them. For this exercise, all you have to do is blink every 3 – 4 seconds for 2 minutes straight.
The next exercise you can do is palming. This involves covering you eyes with your palms so that your eyes can focus on the darkness. Alternatively , you could close your eye’s and lay head down. This is done to alleviate stress on the eyes and a good a way to relax your eyes. Try do this every few hours each day. Whilst , it doesn’t sound much of an exercise, it has helped people.
The last exercise you can do is called the Figure Eight. This is done to increase the flexibility of the eye muscles in a more relaxed way. TO do this exercise, take 2 deep breathes and imagine that there is a infinity symbol in front of your vision.

Trace the outside of the infinity symbol without moving your head and do this repeatedly switching direction. Repeat this action and eventually you will feel more relaxed.

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