What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a form of therapy that is slowly gathering attention from people around the world. Massage therapy is a unique form of treatment that involves massaging the body , designed to reduce tension and pain, improve blood flow and to relax the muscles. Massage therapy was first introduced in the early Greek times but have been practised in various other countries including China, Japan, Egypt, etc for hundreds of years now. Massage therapy involves therapists using their hands to ‘massage’ the body as a form of treatment.
Finding a experienced and well trained massage therapist is difficult as the job is rather tiresome and doesn’t appeal to many people. However, a well trained massage therapist that has years of experience will be able to provide you the necessary relief depending on where your pain is.

Massage therapists will generally touch the following parts of the body: the muscles, skin, tendon, ligaments, joint capsules,etc. They massage, press, stroke and rub your muscles in order to stimulate the soft body tissues to improve your health and general well-being.
Massage therapy is a great treatment option for people that are suffering from some sort of condition such as stress, skin conditions, back pain, infected tissues, etc. They will help you maintain as well as relieve the pain caused by your condition. Most therapists will use their hands to massage your body but sometimes they will also use their, elbow and foot. Some popular massage types include the deep tissue massage, the trigger point massage and the reflexology massage.
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